3-D Bubble Sheets from MGX

Masterpiece Graphix has added an incredibly unique and stand-out material to their HP Indigo-compatible sheet line: 3D bubble sheets. This innovative material when printed creates a 3-D effect that is similar to the look of lenticular, without the costly software or additional art charges. 3D bubble synthetic sheets are a stocked box product and are available in two styles: large bubble and small bubble.

Masterpiece Graphix currently carries two lenticular sheet products, but the sheets are limited for use on HP Indigo S2000 presses, and also require specialized, expensive software to create finished effect. With 3D, text and images appear to float, creating a three-dimensional look similar to that of lenticular, without having the expense of design time or software costs. In addition, the bubble sheets are compatible with any HP Indigo sheet press.

3D is optimized to be printable on either side, so printers can choose the desired finished look depending on which side of the material is printed on. If 3D is surface-printed, the floating text and image look is achieved, with the printed image appearing to be in front of the bubbled material. If the image is reverse-printed, the “bubble” look of the material appears to be in front of the printed image.

The possibilities for use of 3D is limitless: creative POP displays, direct mail and promotional pieces just to name a few. The material can be folded or die-cut, and is recyclable. For more information on this exciting new product offering, please contact the MGX sales team.