About Promotional Labels & Tags

Many products have some sort of promotional label on them, such as ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘smart buy.’ These types of instantly redeemable coupons draw the consumer to buy that product instead of its competitor.

Instant savings are a must for many shoppers today, so it is no surprise that instantly redeemable offers can swing a shopper’s vote to that particular product. There are two types of promotions that can potentially help sell a product: in-pack and on-pack.

In-pack promotions cannot be immediately interacted with by the consumer, they are in the package – such as cereal boxes or lunch kits. However, since they are geared more towards children, they can become expensive.   Many in-pack offers involve different types of ink and other materials that add to the overall cost of the product.   On-pack promotions make the product more desirable because of the instant savings.

Consumers get money off at checkout, so there’s no extra step to savings. On-pack promotions can still be printed directly onto the packaging, but they can also be removable. However, on-pack labeling isn’t just for coupons. On-pack promotions can also include peel-off stickers and expandable labels for nutrition/drug facts or other product information. Plus, consumers still rely on the products they choose to be visually appealing.

Masterpiece Graphix has a variety of eye-catching cardstocks, foils, wood veneers, and more to really make your product stand out from the rest with a promotional label.  Coupons aren’t the only type of promotional label.  Many fast-food restaurants have some sort of ‘scratch-off’ style promotion to increase their business. With the younger, tech-savvy generation, some companies are using QR codes, social media, providing a website link on the product, and other smart-phone-based technology, to further enhance their promotional campaigns.

While this may seem alarming because it means less printed coupons, some businesses are realizing that digital promotions are much more effective when they are still paired with the traditional printed promotions that consumers can physically interact with at the time of purchase.

Generally, these labels are fairly cheap to produce, and with the use of a simple adhesive label, when the promotion gets old, you simply peel off the old promotion instead of having a printed promotion on the packaging that must be thrown away when the promotion is finished.

Masterpiece Graphix can help you to decide which type of promotional label is best for your situation; point of purchase signage, table tents, freezer signage, barcodes, shelf danglers, and shelf tags. If you aren’t sure which material will best suit your promotional needs, please contact a digital material specialist. With our wide array of exciting materials, you can be sure to find the best solution with MGX.