About MGX

We do things a little differently. Starting with knowing our customer's first name.

Our Story

The Beginning

In 1998, Doug and Sharon Watson combined their print industry experience at Masterpiece Graphix.

This entrepreneurial two-person team operated by dividing and conquering the work according to their strong suits: vision, invention, and R&D for one; details (Admin, Finance, HR, and the like) for the other.

Doug was an early adopter of digital print technology and the Indigo Omnius. He served as the President of the Indigo Users Group in his tenure as the President of Watson Label Products. He saw the opportunity digital printing presented and began testing and developing coatings and application methods for synthetic materials. He then brought that expertise to Masterpiece Graphix and made the company an industry leader in coating the hard-to-coat materials – even as most of the industry concentrated on traditional printing methods and materials.

Sharon, also from a printing background, was the owner of a graphic design firm and brought strength to the day-to-day operations. She created an environment that focused on the practicalities and the development of employees, which fostered growth and ensured its status as tight-knit team with exceptional customer service.

The Evolution

The founders’ inclination for innovation and embracing new technology has served them well over the past 40+ years. Masterpiece Graphix, added staff, outgrew its surroundings, and opened its current facility at 1500 Fenpark in 2004.

Masterpiece Graphix transitioned from producing and coating to developing and selling specialty digital materials from films and foils to plastics and other specialty substrates. The time spent in Research & Development paid off when Masterpiece Graphix was named the first and only Indigo Certified Treatment Center because of its coating expertise and served as a testing site for Indigo and for customers.

They were one of the first in the world to embrace digital printing and influenced their existing customers to do the same. Those customers remained loyal because of this willingness to act as a partner and advisor along with their exceptional customer service, quality, and attention to detail. The longevity of these relationships has made them feel more like family than business.

In 2018, Charity Brueggmann was named General Manager. She and Bill Sauer, VP of Operations, continue to lead with the same values and principles on which Doug and Sharon built the company. While Doug and Sharon remain active members of the MGX team, they are now able to focus on the areas they love the most.

In 2019 Masterpiece Graphix rebranded and became MGX, as our focus has broadened to more than just digital. Employees and customers continue to be the inspiration for MGX to innovate and grow.

Masterpiece Graphix started as a two-person operation and has grown to be a major international supplier in the print industry.  The employees (many of whom have been with the company since the beginning) are a high priority to Doug and Sharon, and each is valued for the expertise they bring to the table.

The Present

MGX, has two locations, and offers a variety of innovative specialty substrates engineered to perform on digital presses. We have expanded into offset and flexo materials – a major growth segment for the company.

MGX is a major developer and producer of the hard-to-coat materials including: synthetic paper, pressure sensitive, cling, PVC, styrene, polyester, metalized, soft touch, and custom toll coating. To better support digital printers in this fast-paced, high-demand industry, MGX also developed a large number of in-stock items for quick turn-around and shorter lead times on custom-coated materials.

The Future

MGX is always developing new and custom-coated materials for specific customer applications. We continue to diversify through investments in technology, lean manufacturing, growth, and expansion.

MGX will continue to supply our growing customer base with quality material, short lead times, and exceptional service in the years to come.

Our Customers

“Looking for reasonably priced synthetics that perform well on our press, we gave Masterpiece Graphix a try. Not only did we discover a new material source, the variety of substrates they offer has opened up new opportunities for us to create unique and stand-out applications—like door hangers with spinning wheels. And instead of laminating, we save the labor and cost by printing on PVC. With PVC, our customers get better durability and a cleaner look."

~ Jeff Morrell, Morrell Printing

"Even if I am looking for a material that they do not currently offer, Masterpiece Graphix will do the research and find the right material for my application. The ability to order any type of material coated and ready to print, with fast and professional service, is a real advantage for our business. I absolutely recommend Masterpiece Graphix."

~ Artie Williams, SGS International

"It is a pleasure to do business with people who are committed to their trade and demonstrate the level of customer service that you find at MGX. They consistently develop new materials and digital coatings, and back up their products with superior technical support and a ‘can do’ attitude. MGX is always willing to provide stocking and inventory management options that help us stay ahead of the game."

~ Jim Henderson, Magnet

"As Masterpiece Graphix’s distributor in Canada, we have helped our customers fully leverage their investments in digital printing equipment using MGX’s cutting-edge digital coating technology and revolutionary substrates for over three years. The R&D, service and technical support are second to none and together Ariva and MGX make a great team. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MGX products to any of our customers."

~ Mike Morten, Ariva

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