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Add a Versatile Revenue Stream to Your Digital Business With Space Branding

If you attended Dscoop7, we hope you had the opportunity to catch Masterpiece Graphix’s informative presentation on space branding.Space branding is a great way for digital printers to add an additional revenue stream to their existing business. Space branding appeals to a wide variety of industries including retail, commercial, and other business models. Whether you’re running an HP Indigo roll press, an iGen, Nexpress, HP Indigo sheet press, or other digital model, space branding can add value to your digital business.

In this new economic climate, consumers are carefully planning purchases and are less likely to make an impulse buy. According to the In-Store Marketing Institute’s (ISMI) Shopper Marketing Trends, in-store branding has a formidable impact on consumers, with 70% attracted to aisle displays, 63% to merchandising displays, and 52% to shelf talkers.

Because of these emerging trends in buying behaviors, retailers are looking away from traditional advertising means and considering new avenues to engage the customer. In 2009, there was an 11% drop in traditional advertising spending in the typical television, print and billboard ad categories. This shows that brands and retailers are seeking out new and unique ways to draw attention to their products by utilizing in-store promotions, commonly referred to as “space branding.” Space branding can create “a store within a store” environment, to engage consumers, guide them to your products within the store and create a dynamic and immersed shopping experience.

The goal of space branding is to engage the consumer, creating an immersive experience and a personal connection to the brand. Retailers can apply space branding concepts to canvas an entire area of a store by using the aisles, walls, floors, shelves, windows, signage, and even its product packaging to create a uniform appearance. Retailers are already utilizing in-store tactics to promote their brand; a recent Retail Systems Research report indicated that 70% of retailers use in-store technologies to improve the customer experience. Other businesses like event marketing, restaurants, and corporate offices can also utilize space branding to create a compelling onsite message-centric experience.

Now your clients can effectively brand their entire location with floor graphics, wall graphics, counter talkers, shelf signage, POP displays, window decals, and even protective covers for electronics. Wall graphics, floor graphics, glass applications and pressure-sensitive vinyl are just a few of the available digital materials from MGX that can be used to produce elements of a space-branded location.  Masterpiece Graphix highlighted many space branding materials at Dscoop including digital-ready substrates from partner 3M Commercial Graphics, as well as MGX-exclusive materials like Masterpiece White Wall Graphix (MGX-1141).

Want to learn more about space branding technology? Contact your MGX Digital Material Expert for more information.