Beating Household Label Competition

Household products are found in literally every home that is kept clean and tidy.  These products clean our carpets, windows, walls, dishes, and clothes.    Since these products have an endless variety of uses you can usually find at least a dozen of these in a home at all times, to keep the home at a clean kept standard of living.

The people who once only bought name brand items have a litany of options to choose from-many of them cheaper than traditional products because they are in generic form.  A product must deliver the right promise of price, performance, and convenience.  In a highly competitive market such as household products, however, the store brands are adopting the same methods as the national brands and are investing in the initial moment of contact with the customer that happens on the shelf.

To keep traditional brands separated from generic, manufacturers are turning to labeling and packaging with more appeal and function for higher value, such as scannable QR codes for coupons and discounts, offering exclusivity.

Consumers want products that deliver top results, but want them without dangerous synthetic chemicals that could be dangerous to small animals, children, or become potent after time.  These products must be labeled accordingly to clearly inform the user of the concerns, and the label itself must be resistant to the chemicals within the bottle.  A label warning does no good if it wears off on contact or dissolves.  These labels must be capable of withstanding contact from corrosive and caustic chemicals, like bleach.  Using a print ink that is UV cured will also assist in making labels more durable and chemical resistant.  Masterpiece Graphix has many substrates that are created for your digital press to give you the best application possible.  Our 50# Wet Strength Dairy Label withstands high moisture environments and has ultimate bonding strength, while our 3.8 Gloss White Polythylene has the ultimate in adhesion and is used for many difficult to label substrates.

Household brands have tackled environmental concerns with “organic” and “green” products, taglines, and brand names.   Brand owners are also reducing the amount of packaging needed, resorting to the “less is more” philosophy.  However, the right amount of packaging and the type of packaging still rests heavily on what the product in the packaging is.  Label materials must be made to last and should be tested prior to use to make sure that the label remains durable when interacting with the product.  Sometimes this can lead to a need for lamination for top durability.  The label must also be properly adhered to the bottle.  Trends of unique packaging shapes mean labels must conform to the shape and stay in place under handling.    Masterpiece Graphix offers many packaging options that fit your applications.  Our product offers a secure packaging material, and for green applications our 2 mil clear and white PLA offers great options.

The idea of eco-friendly products is one that will last in the household product market.  Competition between brands and generics will drive this ideal home to customers.  Brands will seek the friendly option and follow the standards each other sets. The market is strong, consumers will always want clean homes and want the brand that gives them the best sense of confidence in that, and give the consumer convenience and dependability.