UniSyn has many advantages for Print Service Providers (PSP). In this post, we focus on UniSyn’s superior ink adhesion.

The proprietary chemistry of our topcoat enables ink to absorb into the surface, which yields improved adhesion and accelerates dry times and post-cure rates.

What’s the Appeal for My Press?

UniSyn is printable via conventional and UV offset, water-based and UV flexo, thermal transfer, and digital (HP Indigo, UV inkjet, and select aqueous inkjet).

UniSyn’s superior ink adhesion creates a particular appeal for offset printers as no special inks are required.

UV ink-jet and digital presses, such as HP Indigo, Konica Minolta’s AccurioJet KM-1, and Komori’s Impremia IS29, can put UniSyn to good use as our topcoat functions as a surface primer.

Plus, our synthetic paper has a more forgiving surface than conventionally printed non-top-coated surfaces. Press operators can then spend less time monitoring and finetuning the ink-water balance during print runs and reduce the need for drying agents and changing spray powders.

MGX | Work Smarter, Not Harder with UniSyn’s Superior Ink Adhesion 0

The Short Version

Printing on UniSyn allows you and your staff to work smarter, not harder with no need for pre-priming, faster processing, and improved rub and scuff resistance on the final product.

Shop UniSyn

UniSyn is available in nine different gauges, ranging from 6 mil to 20 mil, and the following sheet sizes:

  • 13 inches x 19 inches
  • 20 inches x 28 inches
  • 20.8 inches x 29.5 inches
  • 28 inches x 40 inches
  • Custom Sizes can be cut and trimmed in two to three days


MGX also offers UniSyn Opaque, an 8-mil near dead opaque synthetic paper, in a variety of sheet sizes and is ideally suited for two-sided print applications.

Talk to your MGX sales representative today about how UniSyn will work on your press for your next project, or contact us here.