Chuck Mitchell Employee Spotlight on Integrity

Headshot of Chuck Mitchell

“Chuck is honest, dependable, and loyal. Several times I called him without notice to come in after hours for emergency alarms. Chuck stopped what he was doing and checked on the situation. Chuck is accountable for his actions and can be relied on.” – Bill Sauer, VP of Operations.

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Deanna Williams Employee Spotlight on Care.

Deanna Williams Accounting Associate

  Deanna Williams, Accounting Associate, has been with MGX for over a year and brings over ten years of experience. Her workday consists of accounts payable & receivable, invoicing, ordering, reconciling statements, IT coordinating, and being a resident dog trainer and treat giver.   At MGX, our values guide our actions, shaping our business. One…

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MGX’s Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Just Got Better!

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Applications

We are excited to offer Pressure Sensitive Vinyl options that improve performance in print production and end applications. We are migrating many of our products to new, harder adhesives that will result in cleaner cutting and die cutting, reducing the frequency and necessity of cleaning blades and dies. Our improved Low Tack Removable adhesive provides…

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QR Coded Menus Out, Physical Menus are Back!

Scanning QR code Menu

“A menu is a window to the soul of the restaurant, and a QR code has no soul.” – Richard Boccato, owner of Dutch Kills Bar in NYC QR-coded menus are on the way out. According to restauranters, The patience that customers have extended to restaurants over the last few years is wearing thin. A…

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MGX is Now Stocking PaperTyger®

PaperTyger by MGX logo

We are excited to announce that MGX is now offering PaperTyger® with our specialized coating for Indigo and dry toner machines. PaperTyger® has the tear resistance of synthetic yet the look, feel and printability of paper with the lack of static. PaperTyger® products are manufactured using a solvent-free laminating process and are suitable for various…

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Ben Manning Employee Spotlight on Commitment.

Ben Manning, Assistant Plant Manager, has been with MGX for over 18 years. He wears many hats and spends many days performing maintenance, managing production, or designing new equipment. As our resident problem solver, he is always available to answer questions or help his team find solutions. At MGX, our values guide our actions, shaping…

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MGX Becomes an ESOP

ESOP - MGX Owners Circle

Doug and Sharon Watson, founders of MGX, pass the baton not to a corporation but to their employees. Effective August 18, 2021, MGX is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The Founder’s Decision to Sell As the Watsons prepared their succession plan, they explored their options – including a few opportunities from corporate buyers. However,…

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Xquisite DT and DT PVC Provide Alternative Substrates to PET

Many Print Service Providers (PSPs) believe that their only option when it comes to running plastics is polyester (PET). Thanks to improved dry toner (DT) technology and our proprietary topcoat, that belief is now outdated. MGX offers two great alternative substrates to PET that bring their own set of advantages – and cost savings –…

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Printing on Plastics

Whether you are testing the waters with specialty substrates or you dove in long ago, it always benefits you to know the advantages and disadvantages of printing on plastics. Having this knowledge at your fingertips could mean the difference between delays in production and a value-add that creates loyal clients. We at MGX enjoy providing…

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Work Smarter, Not Harder with UniSyn’s Superior Ink Adhesion

UniSyn has many advantages for Print Service Providers (PSP). In this post, we focus on UniSyn’s superior ink adhesion. The proprietary chemistry of our topcoat enables ink to absorb into the surface, which yields improved adhesion and accelerates dry times and post-cure rates. What’s the Appeal for My Press? UniSyn is printable via conventional and…

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