Seasons change, and so should your menu!

Seasonal Menu

5 Benefits of Revamping Your Menu. A seasonal menu is a menu that focuses on seasonal ingredients to create unique dishes that revolve around the flavors of that time of the year. It is an excellent way to attract new customers and keep your current customers coming back. Check out the top 5 reasons to…

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MGX’s Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Just Got Better!

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Applications

We are excited to offer Pressure Sensitive Vinyl options that improve performance in print production and end applications. We are migrating many of our products to new, harder adhesives that will result in cleaner cutting and die cutting, reducing the frequency and necessity of cleaning blades and dies. Our improved Low Tack Removable adhesive provides…

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QR Coded Menus Out, Physical Menus are Back!

Scanning QR code Menu

“A menu is a window to the soul of the restaurant, and a QR code has no soul.” – Richard Boccato, owner of Dutch Kills Bar in NYC QR-coded menus are on the way out. According to restauranters, The patience that customers have extended to restaurants over the last few years is wearing thin. A…

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MGX is Now Stocking PaperTyger®

PaperTyger by MGX logo

We are excited to announce that MGX is now offering PaperTyger® with our specialized coating for Indigo and dry toner machines. PaperTyger® has the tear resistance of synthetic yet the look, feel and printability of paper with the lack of static. PaperTyger® products are manufactured using a solvent-free laminating process and are suitable for various…

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Xquisite DT and DT PVC Provide Alternative Substrates to PET

Many Print Service Providers (PSPs) believe that their only option when it comes to running plastics is polyester (PET). Thanks to improved dry toner (DT) technology and our proprietary topcoat, that belief is now outdated. MGX offers two great alternative substrates to PET that bring their own set of advantages – and cost savings –…

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Printing on Plastics

Whether you are testing the waters with specialty substrates or you dove in long ago, it always benefits you to know the advantages and disadvantages of printing on plastics. Having this knowledge at your fingertips could mean the difference between delays in production and a value-add that creates loyal clients. We at MGX enjoy providing…

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Need Optimal, Consistent Color Accuracy? Think: UniSyn

One of the key advantages to printing with UniSyn Synthetic Paper is optimal color accuracy. MGX put our synthetic paper to the test with the help of some trusted Print Service Providers from our network of customers and distributors. We compared our substrate with sheets of competitors’ synthetic paper and found it: Has superior color…

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UniSyn’s Broad Compatibility Provides Superior Workflow Flexibility

UniSyn Synthetic Paper offers many advantages to Print Service Providers (PSPs), including fast dry and cure times. However, one of the most advantageous features of UniSyn is its broad compatibility, which provides PSPs superior workflow flexibility. This substrate is engineered for presses such as: HP Indigo Conventional and UV Offset UV and Aqueous Flexo UV…

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Eliminate Unpredictable Dry Times with UniSyn Synthetic Paper!

Print Service Providers (PSPs) have always had a love-hate relationship with offset printing on synthetic papers. They love this lucrative segment but hate the disruption and havoc it can wreak on their typical processes and workflow – mostly due to unpredictable dry times. Most synthetic paper producers and ink suppliers set stringent guidelines that printers must…

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