Children’s Books Printed on UniSyn

Children’s books are hard to keep in good condition because well … kids. Therefore, it only makes sense that bookmakers have been in search of and testing more durable solutions. MGX has just what book printers have been looking for: UniSyn.

Advantages of UniSyn Children’s Books

The durability and resilience of UniSyn make it a great option for printing small children’s books. The advantages of this material for printers (and end-users) include:

  • Vibrant color retention and accuracy
  • Resistance to tearing, water, and chemicals for outstanding longevity
  • Ability to be sanitized between readers

At MGX, we know that sanitation practices are a top priority this year, especially as kids return to daycares and schools around the world. UniSyn adds an extra incentive for the parents, libraries, daycares, and schools purchasing and lending books to tiny readers; and it gives you an advantage in pitching paper alternatives.

Press Compatibility

UniSyn has broad compatibility and is engineered for the following presses:

  • Conventional and UV offset
  • HP Indigo
  • UV and aqueous flexo
  • UV inkjet
  • Fuji J-Press
  • Thermal transfer

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