Need Optimal, Consistent Color Accuracy? Think: UniSyn

One of the key advantages to printing with UniSyn Synthetic Paper is optimal color accuracy. MGX put our synthetic paper to the test with the help of some trusted Print Service Providers from our network of customers and distributors. We compared our substrate with sheets of competitors’ synthetic paper and found it:

Has superior color accuracy and vibrancy

Reduces makeready waste

Increases efficiency

Our unique topcoat provides consistent, reliable performance by achieving color faster, significantly reducing makeready waste, and holding color consistently over large runs. This means PSP’s are able to work smarter, not harder. Printers can complete projects more efficiently with UniSyn than with non-topcoated films that require consistent dyne levels throughout the sheet and from sheet-to-sheet.

During testing and as UniSyn gains popularity in the market, we saw and consistently receive positive feedback on the color of final prints. Our customers and distributors told us how much more the graphics “popped” versus how it appeared on competitive sheets.

The advantage of optimal and consistent color accuracy cannot be overstated as printers produce pieces for their customers. The end user is drawn to the item that catches their eye first and keeps their attention for longer than a few [nano]seconds. “Oh, what’s that? Something I should learn more about? Okay!”

In the end, it is a win for everyone. The printer gets repeat business for producing pieces that pop and that consumers love. The customer gets more interest in and sales of their product/services, and the consumer gets the thing they were searching for – or the thing they didn’t even know they needed!

If you would like to put Unisyn to the test on your digital or offset press for your next project, call MGX at 636-349-6401, or contact us today! Our knowledgeable team of sales reps will be happy to answer any questions that you may have or advise you on the best size/gauge for your particular press and application.