Combining Print and Electronic Media? Yes Please!

Technology is taking over our lives, bit by bit.  Pagers turned into cell phones, desktops turned into laptops, and laptops turned into tablets.  All of these are easily carried and get onto the information superhighway with a click or a swipe.  Many have claimed that traditional print is falling by the wayside because of our advances in technology.  Instead of an either or scenario, why not both?  Using both print and technological mediums in a cross media marketing effort can add great innovation and pizzazz.

Three Reasons to Use Electronic Media

  1. Consumers are always using electronic media

  2. Electronic media comes in a multitude of forms

  3. Marketers need to show significant growth

Offering these cross media solutions can’t just be print based or digital device based.  Learning the different services in both and coordinating them to one another gives the strongest front of knowledge for what a client is trying to do.  Does your website match the direct mail pieces you just sent out so that things are cohesive and leave an impact of brand personality?  When you get your next round of packaging printed are you going to include your QR code to give customers easy coupon access?

Make sure your efforts are targeted.

If you’re just throwing print and tech services around, they might not hit the target you’re looking for.  Carefully assessing and targeting what you’re offering customers give you a much better chance of increased ROI and saves money.

If you’re looking for a complete marketing solution, you start with the canvas.

Are you creating an organic food coupon to match a well-known label?  Are you trying to get people who aren’t normally online to connect with you?  To market to them, one has to begin with the blank paper, plastic, or specialized material that perfectly fits your brand.  This material should coordinate with your campaign personality, brand personality, and design, to make sure everything flows.  No detail is too small to consider in a cross-media marketing effort.  After choosing a material, the piece must be printed and customized to fit your brand personality and fit in a cross marketing campaign.  After it’s sent, the piece is in the customers hands.  Connecting with the customer on all levels of marketing gives the best chance on interest, and a customer who wants to buy time and time again.