Common Substrate Issues Faced by Commercial Printers

  • Lack of consistent, high-quality substrate solutions and poor material performance; They are tired of continually dealing with inconsistent quality, ink adhesion issues, and materials failing on press
  • Limited expertise, selection and availability of their substrate supplier; They wish their supplier was a substrate expert who could problem-solve and offer solutions; They want to build a custom solution to capture an opportunity in the market and differentiate from completion but feel like they’re being held back
  • Inconvenient supply chain solutions; They need stocking options to help with limited space, cash flow, or just-in-time delivery requirements; Burdened by high minimums, they want option of ordering lower quantities
  • Poor customer service; They are frustrated by slow response times and feeling like they are a “number”; They are losing business because of unreliable lead times, missed delivery dates, and lousy responses to claims
  • Burned out and ready to give up on coating in-house; They realize it’s a waste of resources, not their core business, and it’s actually costing more

At Masterpiece Graphix, we help commercial printers overcome these challenges with innovative printing materials and responsive, knowledgeable support. As a manufacturer and coating center for substrates, Masterpiece Graphix creates a variety of printing materials; everything from basic pressure sensitive vinyl to exotic wood veneer. Our substrates are engineered to perform well on wet toner and dry toner digital presses, as well as many offset and flexo presses. Printers look to Masterpiece Graphix for materials that create engagement, brand awareness, and the “wow” factor for their customers.

Masterpiece Graphix offers in-stock, ready-to-ship printing materials for commercial digital presses including HP Indigo, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Kodak, MGI, and Canon. With a strong focus on research and development, we are continuously adding new products and coating capabilities. Customers can come to us with an idea for a material and we will test and formulate a coating solution to suit their press and business needs.

With low minimum order requirements, simple delivered pricing, and same day shipping, Masterpiece Graphix makes it easier for commercial printers to grow. Talk with our knowledgeable and responsive team today to get the substrates and support you have been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions about Masterpiece Graphix

Do you offer more than just custom printing materials?
Yes. Masterpiece Graphix carries all the industry mainstays like semi-gloss and BOPP, as well as the tricky, hard to coat substrates. Masterpiece Graphix offers a variety of roll material and more than 70 in-stock substrate sheets including pressure sensitive, cling, synthetic paper, PVC, styrene, polyester, polycarbonate, metalized board, wood veneer, soft touch and textured. Our turnkey, ready-to-run materials are engineered to perform well on commercial digital presses including HP Indigo, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Kodak, MGI, and Canon.

Do you offer toll coating?
Yes. Masterpiece Graphix provides coated, ready-to-print stock from nearly every industry supplier. Printers can always ship their material to us for coating, or substrates can be ordered directly from us and quickly shipped once the material has been coated.

Are your prices competitive?
Yes. Masterpiece Graphix provides competitive pricing on all printing substrates, not just the exotic, hard-to-find stocks. Quote Masterpiece Graphix for basic stocks like pressure sensitive vinyl and compare. Our simplified pricing includes delivery.

Do you provide custom stocking solutions?
Yes. Masterpiece Graphix will create a custom stocking option to fit your business model. Substrates can be ordered from us directly, or materials can be drop-shipped to us for coating. If you plan to regularly order the same material, MGX can help you develop a custom stocking solution, ensuring that you always have digital-ready material in-house.

Do you offer environmentally friendly products?
Yes. Many of our substrate materials are recyclable and reusable.

Talk with our knowledgeable and responsive team today to get the substrates and support you have been looking for.