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For all your paper, plastic, and pressure sensitive materials.

High-Definition Cutting

  • Highest tolerance and best squareness in the industry
    (+/- 1/64 inch or
    +/- 0.0156 inch)
  • Size: Up to 26in wide by 40in
  • Thickness: Up to 24mil plastic

Surface Treatment of Sheets or Rolls

  • Corona treatment
  • Plasma treatment
  • Chemical treatment priming

Sheeting or Resizing

  • Rolls cut down to sheets
  • Servo cutter
  • Size: Up to 21¾in wide rolls, 30in outside diameter, any length, almost any thickness
  • Trim narrow web up to 13in wide
  • Slitting and rewinding

Additional Services

  • Shrink wrapping
  • Skid packing
  • Boxing
  • Counting and tabbing

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