Customer Favorites

This year, our customers have chosen synthetic paper as their favorite specialty substrate. Why synthetic paper? Superior print quality, water resistance and a flexible soft-hand feel are just a couple of the reasons it’s at the top of the list. Also topping the list of their preferred printing materials are styrene, pvc, white vinyl, polyester (white and clear), and clear static cling.

These substrates are engineered to run on commercial digital presses including:  HP Indigo, Xerox iGen, Xerox DocuColor, Xerox Color, Xerox Versant, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Kodak NexPress, MGI Meteor, Canon imagePRESS. Call us and we’ll help you choose the right substrate for your press. 

How many of these favorites have you tried?

#1 Synthetic Paper

Eliminates need for lamination. Resistant to water, chemicals and tears. Can be perforated, laser die-cut, scored, folded, and punched. Bright white finish with a flexible, soft hand feel. View synthetic paper thicknesses, sizes and data sheets.

Our customers use synthetic paper to create business cards, insurance cards, membership and loyalty cards, ID badges, shelf wobblers, posters, door hangers, price tags, clothing tags, parking tags, plant tags, food tags, safety tags, manuals, catalogs, cookbooks, maps, calendars, charts, children’s books, menus and brochures, tickets, event passes and more.

#2 Styrene

Uniquely coated for superior lamination bond strength and print performance. Low cost entry point to card market. Easy to convert. Bright white finish and high opacity. Can be guillotine cut, die cut or punched. Impact resistant, machineable, formable and recyclable. View styrene thicknesses, sizes and data sheets.

Our customers use styrene to create gift cards, membership and loyalty cards, ID cards, fundraising cards, key tags, point-of-purchase displays, packaging, molded applications, indoor graphics, signage and more.

#3 PVC

Excellent durability and easy to use. Resistant to UV degradation, good rigidity, and low flammability (resists ignition). View PVC thicknesses, sizes and data sheets.

Our customers use PVC to create store signage and placards, outdoor signage, business cards, luggage tags, door hangers, menus, membership cards, gift cards, financial cards, ID cards, shelf wobblers and more.

#4 White Vinyl Pressure Sensitives

Resistant to chemicals. Excellent bond strength. Short or long term adhesion indoors and outdoors. Superior surface smoothness and conformability. Tough and durable, exhibiting resistance to oils, chemicals and some solvents. View white vinyl pressure sensitive thicknesses, sizes and data sheets.

Our customers use white vinyl pressure sensitives to create liquor, beer and wine labels, warning and permanent labels, product identification labels, freezer and refrigerator decals, wall, floor and window graphics, direct mail, car window stickers, retail signage, POP displays, interior decor, masking, mouse pads, counter pads and more.

#5 White and Clear Polyester

Unique toner receptive coating, high heat resistance and anti-static properties. Solid core polyester. Resistant to tears, stains, and weather. High definition image quality and bright white matte finish. View white and clear polyester thicknesses, sizes and data sheets.

Our customers use white and clear polyester to create parking tags, plant tags, menus, placemats, ID cards, wrist bands, triage tags, fire extinguisher tags, shelf wobblers, POP signage, retail signage, cold storage signs, indoor and outdoor signage, construction signage, membership cards, business cards, event tickets, spiral bound books, temporary license plates, sales collateral, bicycle and runners bibs, door hangers, training manuals and more.

#6 Clear Static Cling

Light, ultra-removable graphics that leave no adhesive residue. Exceptional durability and printability. Sticks to smooth, glossy surfaces without adhesive, essentially suctioning to the application surface. Removes cleanly and can be reapplied many times. Adheres to many polished, smooth surfaces such as glass, plastics, and painted metals. View clear static cling, sizes and data sheets.

Our customers use clear static cling to create window graphics, automobile window stickers, POP displays, retail promotions, seasonal décor and more.

How many of these favorites have you tried? Contact Us To Try Them Today!