Digital Photo Printing Business Goes Vintage

Over the past decade, photography has become a digital industry.

Digital cameras, camera phones, and access to images on the internet have all made photos more accessible and sharable.  Since these images are easily shared online, traditional photography has faded.  In 2012, Facebook had over 300 million images shared daily.

This huge change has made the photo industry change in a few ways.  Online photo labs are now more popular than the walk in shops, and those shops have had to invest in digital equipment to stay relevant.

Another amazing change is that photos can now be printed on all possible surfaces, not just paper.  In the US, the online photo printing business has grown consistently since 2003 according to IBISWorld.

One of the most popular forms of digital photo printing is wedding photography.  For the bride and groom who want a vintage photo finish with a modern twist, Masterpiece Graphix offers birch and cherry wood veneers that enhance photos with a romantic rustic touch.  Invitations and pictures are both brought to life with this amazing substrate, available for any printer and in wide format.  This material is the newest in the industry of digital printing materials and offers amazing opportunities for modern photos.

The wood has features such as being foil transferable,  easy to emboss, and boasts a great soft hand feel.  One amazing feature is that no two rolls of wood are the same since each is made from a different tree, so that the application has a different personal touch every time.

Read the infographic to the left for more information on the rise of digital photography.

Contact us today to learn more about this amazing substrate available in C1S and in a pressure sensitive for unique labels, digital photo, and other uses.