Does the Label Design Sell the Wine?

There are people who are true wine connoisseurs, then there are the rest of us who enjoy drinking wine but are not well-versed in viticulture practices, aromas and bouquets. If we’re honest, sometimes we pick up a bottle of wine simply because we like the design of the label. Sometimes even that decision can be daunting:


Wine Labels that POP

Wine labels need to have a little extra “something” to draw our eye. This something extra can be accomplished by using a combination of graphic design and specialty label materials. For example, printers can use metallized pressure sensitive substrates to add depth and shine to their label and packaging designs. This specialty substrate works for short runs and offers superior long-term adhesion. Pictured below: MGX-2523 Presstige .002 mil Bright Silver Metalized printed on HP Indigo 5600 using Process Metallic Color System by Color Logic.


How to Read a Wine Label

The next time you are standing in the wine aisle trying to decide what to take to your friend’s dinner party, remember these practical tips:

  • Check the vintage. The vast majority of wines at the store are meant to be drunk right away, so you want to make sure the wine isn’t too old, particularly if you’re buying it expecting lively, fresh fruitiness.
  • The more specific, the better. Wine that says it’s from Napa is probably a better bet than a wine that simply says it’s from California. It’s the same way all over the world.
  • Estate-bottled means the people who made the wine also had a hand in growing the grapes on their own land. We generally find this a good sign.

Choosing the Right Label Material

For a label to be successful, there are a lot of important factors to consider. Our Digital Material Specialists can help you choose the best label solution for your customer. Give us a call at 636-349-6401.

P. S. If you like wine and are ever in the St. Louis area during spring or fall, I highly recommend a trip to Stonehill (try the Cross J Norton) or Montelle (try the Norton Reserve with sunset dinner on the deck) wineries. Salut!