Xquisite DT and DT PVC Provide Alternative Substrates to PET

Many Print Service Providers (PSPs) believe that their only option when it comes to running plastics is polyester (PET). Thanks to improved dry toner (DT) technology and our proprietary topcoat, that belief is now outdated. MGX offers two great alternative substrates to PET that bring their own set of advantages – and cost savings – to the press.

Synthetic Paper

Xquisite DT Synthetic Paper is a polypropylene-based film, which gives it a number of benefits and advantages over polyester.

  • Benefits:
    • Cost effective and budget friendly
    • Customization
    • Durable and versatile synthetic paper
    • Excellent print quality and color reproduction
    • Ideal for scoring and folding properties up to 14 mil
    • Perfect for tear-, chemical-, and moisture-resistant applications
  • Applications:
    • Menus
    • Shelf talkers
    • Plant tags
    • Retail displays
    • Membership cards
    • Food tags
    • Maps
  • Gauges and Product Numbers:


DT PVC is a great alternative substrate to PET where rigidity and bulk in flat, non-folded applications are desired as well as the following benefits and advantages.

  • Benefits:
    • Cost-effective and budget-friendly
    • Good printability
    • Consistent roughness
    • Customized impact properties
  • Applications:
    • Greeting cards
    • Advertisement cards
    • Large placards
    • Regular membership cards
  • Gauges and Product Numbers:

Please check the MGX Press Compatibility Guide to confirm suitability or mil-thickness limitation on the make/model digital press being considered. The end-use application may also dictate the most suitable substrate for a given job. Contact your MGX representative today to discuss alternative substrates to PET for your next project.