Damian Dorrance in his bronco

Damian Dorrance Lives our Core Value of Resourcefulness.

Damian Dorrance and his dog
Damian Dorrance in his bronco
Damian Dorrance and his father


Damian is our Business Development Representative in the West. While Damian has been with MGX just shy of a year, he brings years of industry experience and a wealth of knowledge.

At MGX, our values guide our actions, shaping our business. One of our core values is Resourcefulness, and Damian lives that value daily.
"It's essential to be resourceful every day in my role," says Damian. "I find quick and clever ways to solve problems and provide solutions for my clients. For example, giving customers alternative options on substrates or recommending a new way to print the final piece can give them a creative choice they didn't think was out there."

Damian's superpower is his memory; he can remember every spec and detail of our products. It's a huge asset when out in the field.

We did a little Q&A to learn more about Damian, why he chose MGX, and some fun facts about what he is like outside the office.

MGX: What stands out most for you about working at MGX?

Damian: The family culture and knowing, as an employee-owned company, that I'm helping to impact my coworkers' families and their lives.

MGX: Why did you choose your field of work? What makes your job challenging?

Damian: I thoroughly enjoy the relationships I've created in these 30+ years in the industry. The difficult part is time; finding time to see as many customers as possible.

MGX: Do you have a favorite quote?

Damian: Get busy living or get busy dying. - Stephen King

MGX: If you could be any superhero, whom would it be and why?

Damian: Deadpool: Hero + Humor

MGX: Do you have any collections?

Damian: Music: I have over 50,000 songs on my hard drive.

MGX: Do you have a favorite charity you wish more people know about?

Damian: Angel Eyes helps Colorado families cope with the sudden, unexpected death of an infant or toddler, including SIDS, SUID, SUDC, miscarriage, and stillbirth loss while raising awareness and supporting research. We offer free professional bereavement counseling, a support group, peer connections, and community referrals to grieving people. www.angeleyes.org