MGX Shipping Manager

Dan Seastrand Employee Spotlight on Excellence.

We set the bar high and never settle for less – Excellence.

Dan Seastrand, Shipping Manager, has been with MGX for five (5) years. His workday starts early, supervising his team to ensure orders are correctly completed, tracking shipments, and managing documentation. Dan directs package flow and ensures compliance with regulations and company policies. He has been instrumental in streamlining the shipping department by improving accuracy, continually delivering cost savings, and increasing efficiency. 

At MGX, our values guide our actions, shaping our business. Dan exudes our core value of Excellence. “Excellence is holding yourself and your team to the highest possible standard, trying to reach that goal every day, striving to get as close as possible, and always giving yourself something to work for the next day. Mistakes in my position can cost us and our clients a lot of money and time.” – Dan Seastrand.

“Dan assembled a shipping team that doubled daily shipments. He has implemented changes that reduce consumables and labor while going the extra mile to make our customers happy.” Bill Sauer, VP Operations. 


We did a little Q&A to learn more about Dan, why he chose MGX and some fun facts about what he is like outside the office.


MGX: What stands out most for you about working at MGX?

Dan: The team I work with is always willing to help and do what they can to finish our jobs for our customers every day.


MGX: What is your work superpower?

Dan: My excellent attention to detail. I catch most issues and oversee my department so tasks are done once.


MGX: What is the best advice you’ve received?

Dan: The best advice I’ve ever been given is, “You get what you give out of something. The more you put in, the more you will get in return. Work hard; good things always come out of hard work.”


MGX: Do you have any phobias?

Dan: I don’t like heights.


MGX: Do you have a hobby? What is it, and why do you like it?

Dan: My current hobby is weightlifting. It has helped me become a healthier and better person.