Eliminate Unpredictable Dry Times with UniSyn Synthetic Paper!

Print Service Providers (PSPs) have always had a love-hate relationship with offset printing on synthetic papers. They love this lucrative segment but hate the disruption and havoc it can wreak on their typical processes and workflow – mostly due to unpredictable dry times.

Most synthetic paper producers and ink suppliers set stringent guidelines that printers must follow to ensure success. For instance, PSPs must:

  • Pretest inks to ensure compatibility with the substrate.
  • Take measures to facilitate airflow between sheets to prevent ink set-off.
  • Carefully monitor the ink-water balance throughout the run to avoid excess water from inhibiting the ink’s ability to oxidize on the sheets’ surface.

This last step is usually where PSPs run into the most trouble – getting special inks formulated for conventional printing on plastics to fully cure by oxidation.

Enter UniSyn Synthetic Paper, the fastest growth product offering at MGX!

The magic of UniSyn lies within its proprietary topcoat engineered for easy conventional printing. This topcoat provides superior ink adhesion and fast drying, which truly sets it apart from its competitors. Sheets dry quickly, so jobs can be printed work-and-turn and sent immediately for any finishing.

When printing digitally, UniSyn’s uniquely engineered topcoat also functions as a surface primer for HP Indigo presses (It’s certified!) and the new, growing breed of production UV ink-jet presses, such as Konica Minolta’s AccurioJet KM-1 and Komori’s Impremia IS29.

Note: UniSyn is not compatible for laser/dry-toner print technologies. However, MGX’s Xquisite line of synthetic papers will be the ticket there!

UniSyn is available in nine different gauges as well as an 8-mil Near Dead Opaque, ideally suited for two-sided print applications.

Request a quote or a sample of UniSyn Synthetic Paper today to test the dry times for yourself on your next project! Please contact MGX with any further questions you may have.