Folding Cartons & Digital Print

Folding cartons are a popular product today; and as runs get shorter, the equipment and capabilities of presses and printers alike have to evolve.  With digital print equipment, it’s possible for folding cartons to have many customized versions of one product. This is important as part of brand personalization and marketing efforts.

One example of an area where this is shown to be true is in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. As government regulations and trends change, so does the packaging for these items.  Quickly changing trends are not the only reason that digital print is valuable to the healthcare industry however.  Digital print offers the necessary variable data printing for medical labels and packaging that are customized, making sure that drugs are labeled correctly and equipment is properly used.  If these things aren’t correctly done, it could lead to negligence.  Other industries that could use folding cartons include hospitality, retail, and food packaging.

Folding cartons need to be durable and reliable, for two reasons.  One, they need to keep whatever is inside secure, and two, any information printed on the carton needs to be clearly visible so there is no user error.  This comes from selecting a strong material.  While basic folding cartons are often made of board materials, using specialty ones can bring new life and strength to an application.  Rigid vinyl PVC, synthetic paper, and wood veneer are just a few of the options that would make a visually appealing and long lasting carton.  Selecting a great material and making the decision to print digitally streamlines the printing process and gives easily varied pieces.   For more information on creating a super durable carton, contact us!