Folding Cartons: Diversifying with Digital Substrates

Folding cartons are taking the printing industry by storm.  As of 2013 the market was projected to reach $184 billion by 2018 according to market research firm Smithers Pira. What markets are creating this huge growth?  Primarily health care products, cigarettes, and dry or frozen foods.

With folding cartons becoming a prime method of packaging, the focus is turning to how to make these cartons unique and long lasting so they catch the eyes of customers and become branding tools.  Using unique substrates and graphics to create these cartons is a perfect way of doing so.

Here at MGX we have the best in unique materials for cartons and packaging. Our Metallix line includes packaging substrates such as our 12 pt board stock in different colors and sheens, such as Double Rainbow, 3D Holographic Bubbles, Twinkle, Silver Rain, and Lava. Our boards have great printability are press ready! They do not yellow, absorb moisture or become tacky. Other materials for packaging and folding cartons are our gold and silver rigid vinyl PVC. Both of these are attention grabbing with high impact metallic shines. Our silver and gold PVC give a touch of metal, unlimited options for applications, excellent durability, UV resistance, and rigidity.

MGX also has wood options for folding cartons. Our Wood-FX wood veneer is available in both birch and cherry finishes.  The wood is 100% natural and harvested from certified sustainably managed forests. The wood is never sanded or chemically processed, yet is smooth enough to be printed digitally, off-set and flexo.  This material has a variety of uses such as signage, decoration, business cards, gift items, packaging, labels, postcards and invitations. Wood Veneer can be implied to most surfaces. This material creates a unique and interesting look that is both vintage and modern.

We offer our digital substrates as certified for many types of digital presses and our materials all have superior runability so that your application with us is simple and fast.  For more information about using our materials for your next folding carton application or to receive samples please call us at 636.349.6401 or email us.