Masterpiece Graphix Substrates Certified for New RICOH Pro C92XX Series Printers

Print professionals have discovered that owning a RICOH Pro digital press opens a whole new world of options in printing materials. By adding specialty substrates to their menu of services, printers are able to better compete on applications, cost, and creativity.

  • Increase Print Sales:  Attract More Customers and a Larger Bottom Line with Expanded Print Applications
  • Offer More Than ‘Just Paper’:  Waterproof, Tear Resistant, Washable, Reusable, Durable, or Rigid  — Specialty Substrates Provide Endless Options
  • Cost-Effective Alternative:  Eliminate the Need for Lamination and Increase Options for Durability and Rigidity

Substrates Certified for the RICOH Pro C71XX Series and the NEW RICOH Pro C92XX Series Color Sheet-Fed Printers

Printable Substrates
Certified for RICOH
C71XX Series
C92XX Series
.006 White Vinyl/Repositionable/90#CERTIFIED
.008 Synthetic Paper - O2SCERTIFIED
.010 Synthetic Paper - O2SCERTIFIED
.012 Synthetic Paper - O2SCERTIFIEDCERTIFIED
.014 Synthetic Paper - O2SCERTIFIED
.010 Matte/Matte White PVC - O2SCERTIFIED
.010 White Dead Opaque Styrene – O2SCERTIFIED
.008 White Polyester – O2SCERTIFIED
.007 Clear Tipped PolyesterCERTIFIED

Printers have a lot of options in specialty substrates to run on RICOH Pro digital presses including:

  • Pressure Sensitive: Resistant to chemicals. Short or long term adhesion indoors and outdoors.
  • Synthetic Paper: Eliminates need for lamination. Resistant to water, chemicals and tears.
  • Rigid Vinyl PVC: Excellent durability and easy to use. Resistant to UV degradation, good rigidity, and low flammability (resists ignition).
  • Styrene: Easy to convert. Bright white finish and high opacity.
  • Polyester: Unique toner receptive coating, high heat resistance and anti-static properties.

See all Ricoh compatible sheet substrates.

For samples and more information, contact a Masterpiece Graphix Digital Material Specialist at 636-349-6401.