Hardcoated Polyester Stocks for Multiple Digital Press Technologies

Masterpiece Graphix (MGX) has released new high-performance polyester (PET) stocks to the digital print industry: Masterpiece Clear Gloss Hardcoated PET, and Masterpiece Clear Anti-Glare Hardcoated PET. These high performance polyester synthetics are a part of MGX’s exclusive line of digital sheet materials, which are treated to run interchangeably on wet toner and dry toner-based digital press systems.  MGX can now fulfill the needs of digital press users for clear  PET materials that are durable and scratch-resistant.

Masterpiece Graphix will offer the following hardcoated PET products in its product line:

  • Masterpiece 5 mil Clear Anti-Glare Hardcoated PET (MGX-1582)
  • Masterpiece 5 mil Clear Gloss Hardcoated PET (MGX-1583)
  • Masterpiece 7 mil Clear Anti-Glare Hardcoated PET (MGX-1584)
  • Masterpiece 7 mil Clear Gloss Hardcoated PET (MGX-1585)
  • Masterpiece 10 mil Clear Anti-Glare Hardcoated PET (MGX-1586)
  • Masterpiece 10 mil Clear Gloss Hardcoated PET (MGX-1587)

An alternative to polycarbonate stocks, hardcoated polyester, or PET, has a stronger hardcoat than similar polycarbonate options. PET is more durable than polycarbonate and is resistant to heat and chemical solvents. Masterpiece clear hardcoated PET products are optically clear, offer excellent outdoor and UV stability, and are thermo-formable. These characteristics make Masterpiece Clear PET options perfect for many industrial applications like touch panels and electronic overlays.

Masterpiece digital sheets are an exclusive product line of top quality, universal materials that are compatible with both liquid toner and dry toner digital machines. These high-performance digital synthetics like PVC, styrene, wall graphic, clear polyester, and synthetic papers from MGX can be used interchangeably with wet toner and dry toner digital presses. Compatible models include the Xerox iGen, Kodak Nexpress, Canon ImagePRESS, Konica Minolta Bizhub and other similar digital press technologies; Masterpiece products will be digital-ready for HP Indigo presses in the future. With this product lineup, MGX takes the headache out of securing digital products for a specific machine, eliminating the need to increase inventory for multiple presses.  More information on Masterpiece Graphix’s lineup of digital synthetics can be found here.