Helping Hands: How We Helped Serve Our Community

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people around the world, MGX looked for an opportunity to help locally and found a great way to contribute to our community through the Rockwood South Middle School (RSMS) Helping Hands program.

Helping Hands was created by a Rockwood social worker to help families experiencing financial difficulties and struggling to meet some of their most basic needs. The program has grown since its inception and RSMS now serves as the collection center. Resources are distributed among our area elementary and high schools.

Given current events with the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew that need had remained consistent and most likely increased exponentially. That is why MGX and our employees came together to donate over $500 in cash and goods to Helping Hands.

You can donate too! If you can spare even $5, a family in our community will receive the help they need to get food and personal hygiene products. There are several ways you can donate.

  • Make a monetary donation – every little bit helps!
  • Shop their Amazon list to meet their specific needs, such as body wash, deodorant, simple ingredients, and ready-made breakfast foods.
  • Buy online grocery gift cards and email them to

We hope you will join us in helping and serving our community in whatever way you can. We look forward to our community and the world at large getting its health back – in more ways than one. Until then, we’re all in this together.