High-Performance Styrene for Every Application & Industry

Does your operation have a need for a lower cost, yet durable film that is UV-resistant as well as environmentally friendly? Look no further than Masterpiece Premium Styrene products. Polystyrene, or styrene, is a durable, versatile substrate that offers stability, UV-resistance, and durability, all at a lower price point than other premium film products.

Styrene is perfect for producing a multitude of durable products, including POP, backlit displays, disposable outdoor signage, menus, plant ID tags, temporary ID cards, formed packaging, and many more. The material is easy to convert, and can be guillotine cut, die cut, or punched into the desired format. Styrene is also 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly film choice. MGX offers all available varieties of polystyrene, with a range of thicknesses, colors, constructions, sizes and finishing options to suit any digital press, application or industry.

Masterpiece Styrene

Masterpiece 15 mil White Styrene (MGX-1306) is a versatile, high-performance substrate that fits well in many commercial press shops that house multiple digital press technologies. Masterpiece products are an exclusive lineup of top quality, universal materials that are interchangeably compatible with liquid toner machines like the HP Indigo, as well as dry toner digital machines like the Xerox iGen. Now press users can use the same material on multiple machines. MGX stocks 15 mil White Styrene in 12″ x 18″ sheets, with same-day shipping. Other thicknesses and sizes are also available, and can be stocked on our floor specifically for your operation.

Masterpiece Premium Styrene

If your needs are only for HP Indigo-compatible styrene materials, MGX has you covered. Masterpiece Premium styrene options are economical, versatile, and customizable to your application. Masterpiece Graphix offers all varieties of polystyrene, including opaque, near dead opaque, block-out, super white, dead white, as well as every other styrene option under the sun. All can be optimized to be HP Indigo-ready for your machine and application. Although these are custom products, your MGX Digital Material Expert can set up custom stocking options tailored to your application and press throughput, ensuring you always have the materials you need on your pressroom floor.

MGX: The Total Package for Your Styrene Operation

MGX can supply end-to end solutions for finishing styrene products, like specialized overlaminates that serve every major industry. MGX’s team of industry experts can guide converters in substrate selection, product construction, stocking options, and new product development. Masterpiece Graphix can supply styrene for any press, plus the appropriate overlaminate for your application in one package, an option not available through other digital material suppliers.

Masterpiece Graphix is your total solutions provider for high-performance styrene and other quality films. For more information on our film products, overlaminate options, and our custom stocking program, please contact your MGX Digital Material Expert.