MGX HP Indigo Customer Featured in packagePRINTING

Longtime MGX customer Lightning Labels is featured in the February 2010 issue of packagePrinting, as a HP Indigo user and digital printer. An all-digital label printer based in Denver, Colorado, Lightning Labels has found success in producing short-run, high-quality label jobs using HP Indigo technology.

Lightning Labels has been a faithful customer of Masterpiece Graphix for some time, utilizing MGX’s coating technology to optimize their digital substrates.  Peter Renton, company founder and director of business development, had this to say about Lightning Label’s relationship with MGX:

“As with the great majority of substrates printed on HP Indigo presses, the substrates need to be top-coated before printing. ‘We outsource our top-coating to Masterpiece Graphix ( in St. Louis,’ reports Renton. ‘They order uncoated material from the material vendors, coat it themselves, and then ship to us. It is a system that has worked well for many years.'”