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Incorporating Digital Print Into a Digital World

With the rise of the digital world beyond digital print, packaging and labeling applications are become active and intelligent to bond with consumers and boost brand identity.  New technology even allows consumers to interact with printed materials on supermarket shelves, giving the ultimate in a user experience.  A few years ago this sounded crazy; now it’s every day and another method of personalization.   This has highly impacted the materials and designs used in making these products.  For example, QR codes are codes that can be scanned with a cell phone to generate coupons, offers, and hidden specials.  These codes are hugely popular among shoppers.  Packaging and labeling has to effectively let the scanning code work while still bringing a sense of the brand people know.  There are also ideas of using embedded tags in packaging to identify a products authenticity, which would be a great asset in the fashion market with the rise of counterfeit designer items.  This technology offers and easy way to get consumers to communicate with the brand and become invested in the brand name.  This trend is extremely popular because everyone has a smart phone in their hand, and is constantly using it.  This trend is one to keep an eye on!

More information on this trend is available from the AIPIA, or Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association.  The organization aims to develop smart digital printing and streamline the printing process to help printers and consumers.

Here at Masterpiece Graphix we create digital printing materials that support scan-able images for an interactive user experience that makes your brand better.  Our materials are sturdy enough to handle the wear and tear of packaging and are long lasting to create you amazing labels.  Contact us today to learn about our great materials for a digital printing application that bonds with the digital world.