Make Your Digital Press Shine with Digital-Ready Metallized Prime Label Substrates

Metallized prime labels combined with high-impact digital graphics are an eye-catching way to dazzle your customers. MGX offers a full line of digital-ready metallized substrates including iridescent, foil, metallized paper and holographic materials. Many MGX metallized options are competitively priced and can be on your pressroom floor ready to print in a matter of days. No matter your desired product appearance, specific material requirements or budget, Masterpiece Graphix can provide a metallized substrate to suit your digital application.

Silver Metallized Paper/All-Temp Perm/40# SCK(R1172): This premium finished metallized paper material features a bright silver high-sheen face with an acrylic topcoat and excellent HP Indigo printability. The permanent adhesive bonds to many common substrates, is FDA 175.105-compliant and performs well in all temperatures. The material’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for many prime label applications. Masterpiece Graphix is proud to offer R1172 as a readily-available, compatible material solution for the HP Indigo.

Xeikon-Authorized Brilliant Metallized Paper/Perm/40# (R1361): Masterpiece Graphix is has partnered with Xeikon to offer metallized substrate solutions for the Xeikon digital press series. Xeikon-authorized MGX Brilliant Metallized Paper/Perm/40# (R1361) is enhanced with a digital topcoat and is authorized for use on all the Xeikon label presses for the best possible image quality and toner adhesion.  MGX also offers Xeikon-authorized enhanced metallized material solutions for other metallized synthetic substrates such as BOPP and polyester.

2 mil Metallized BOPP /Perm/1.2mil PET (R1375): This MGX HP Indigo-compatible material features a bright silver, mirror-like glossy face and a superior wet-out adhesive well-suited for squeezable container applications. Masterpiece Graphix’s R1375 offers resistance to water, oil and chemicals, making the substrate an excellent choice for high-gloss cosmetic and toiletry labeling.

Dull Silver Foil/Perm/40# (R1497): MGX currently offers HP Indigo-compatible Masterpiece Dull Silver Foil/Perm/40# (R1497) as a readily available metallized option. In addition, Masterpiece Graphix offers several other HP Indigo-optimized foil materials. Other available materials include a silver or gold face with a dull (matte) or bright (mirror-like) finishes. Laminated foil offers exceptional durability and excellent color reproduction. Some press operators opt to flood-coat silver foil stocks to produce custom tinted metallic and color matched foils. The permanent adhesive used on MGX laminated foil stock is suitable for virtually all prime label applications.

Holographic Iridescent Metallized Paper/ Perm/40# SCK (R1187): This substrate is one of our most commonly ordered HP Indigo-compatible metallized materials. Featuring a two-dimensional holographic diffraction pattern and an FDA 175.105-compliant adhesive, MGX’s Holographic Iridescent Metallized Paper/Perm/40# SCK is eye-catching and is more economically-priced than many metallized substrates. HP Indigo-optimized MGX R1187 is a competitively priced roll product with that can be quickly treated and shipped to your pressroom.

Custom Material Options: The highlighted products above are just a few of the metallized substrates Masterpiece Graphix can provide for use on your digital press. Do you have a specific material in mind that’s not mentioned here? No problem. MGX can help you select, trial, and digitally optimize the specific material you want with our custom substrate options. Masterpiece Graphix offers short lead times and competitive pricing from the industry’s top suppliers. If you plan on regularly ordering the same metallized facestocks to run on your digital press, custom stocking options are available. For additional information on all of MGX’s metallized material options, please contact your MGX sales rep directly or email our sales team.