Menu Printing: Are You Using the Right Material?

Imagine walking into a new restaurant. You appreciate the friendly host and admire the interior decorating and plush seating. Then the host hands you a grubby, torn and faded menu. Despite the initial good impression, now you are questioning your decision to choose this restaurant for dinner.

Quality Menus Begin with Plastic

The durability and longevity of using plastic substrates for menus is unbeatable, with many options for tear, water, and chemical resistance to extend the life of the finished piece. Due to the longer life cycle of synthetic-based solutions versus paper-based products, menu reprints are less frequently required. Plastic substrates are less expensive than laminating paper and often result in faster turnaround times since the printer does not need to outsource lamination.

Choosing the Right Plastic: Polyester vs. Synthetic Paper

Menu RequirementsPolyesterSynthetic Paper
Cost EffectiveHigher cost is more suitable for printed applications subjected to extreme environmental conditionsAs a polypropylene blend, MGX Synthetic Paper is a more economical choice than other polyester-based products on the market that are often over-engineered for the application
Flexible, Soft Hand FeelNoYes
Waterproof, Greaseproof, Alcohol- and Stain-ResistantYesYes
Tear proofYesYes
Easily wiped cleanYesYes
No Costly Extra Treatments or LaminationNone RequiredNone Required
Bright White Finish with High Definition Image QualityYesYes
Compatible with Dry Toner and HP Indigo Digital PressesUnique toner receptive coating makes MGX polyester a universal substrate for HP Indigo and dry toner pressesMGX synthetic paper is tested and confirmed for use on HP Indigo, Ricoh and Konica Minolta presses, and is compatible with most other commercial digital presses including Xerox, Kodak, MGI, and Canon
Easy to ConvertPolyester can be difficult to cut, score and foldMGX synthetic paper is easy to score and fold, and can be perforated, laser die-cut, and punched

Get Sample Menu Artwork that You Can Customize

Contact us for menu printing sales tips and tools including sample menu artwork files that you can customize, print on your commercial digital press, and then show to potential menu customers.

Due to an improving economy and rising consumer spending, the restaurant industry has experienced robust growth, and so have the opportunities for printing in the restaurant industry. How can your print shop help restaurants create a lasting impression and capitalize on the opportunities offered in this massive and growing industry? Read more.