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MGX is Now Stocking PaperTyger®

We are excited to announce that MGX is now offering PaperTyger® with our specialized coating for Indigo and dry toner machines. PaperTyger® has the tear resistance of synthetic yet the look, feel and printability of paper with the lack of static.
PaperTyger® products are manufactured using a solvent-free laminating process and are suitable for various applications.

Features and Benefits

PaperTyger® is a durable, lightweight, tear-resistant paper. The patented manufacturing process creates a sheet that tracks well through most printers without static. The genuine paper surface delivers optimized print performance on a wide variety of machines. PaperTyger® will run on almost any laser or inkjet printer. PaperTyger® is environmentally conscientious, wood-free and responsibly sourced.


Map in nature

Maps: In the day of technology, it may seem unlikely that anyone prints maps anymore, yet you would be surprised at the number of places where physical maps are preferred. National parks, tourist hotspots, and ski resorts use printed options for trail maps. In addition, military, truck drivers, and emergency service workers use physical maps as a precaution against battery and technology failures.




Posters/Charts: Posters are the most tried-and-true types of marketing. Posters are an effective way to convey messages to employees and customers.


            1. Employee Rights & Compliance Posters
            2. Building Evacuation Chart
            3. Company Values
            4. Event Posters


Runners wearing racing bibs

Racing Bibs: Our Water-resistant, tear-resistant and affordable materials are the perfect choice for racing bibs. Digital printing allows for customization and quick turnaround while the material is flexible and durable to stand up against short-term exposure to elements and moisture.