MGX Polycarbonate

Masterpiece Graphix has developed another coating capacity to its list of successfully coated materials for the HP Indigo: HP Indigo-compatible polycarbonate sheets. If your product needs call for a durable, weatherable plastic that will hold up to all sorts of rigorous use, this material is the way to go. Cell phone screens, membrane switches, instrument panels, machinery nameplates, bulletproof windows, and outdoor signage are all viable applications for these sheets. Masterpiece Graphix is proud to now offer several HP Indigo-compatible polycarbonate sheet items, all with different features and benefits that tailor to your specific application.

Masterpiece Premium .010 Velvet/matte Makrofol® Polycarbonate – C1S (MGX-1087): This material is made for reverse-printing applications: print-ready on the matte side, and the label is applied velvet-side up to protect the ink. The velvet side is also scratch-resistant, masking surface scratches within the velvet surface.

Masterpiece Premium .010 Velvet/Matte Makrofol® UV-1 Polycarbonate – C1S (MGX-1089): This substrate also features a reverse-printable velvet/matte configuration, but also includes a UV inhibitor. Use of a polycarbonate formulated for UV resistance is essential if the material will be used outdoors, as yellowing will occur if the polycarbonate is not outdoor rated.

Masterpiece Premium .010 Gloss/Gloss Hardcoated Polycarbonate (MGX-1091): This substrate is a clear sheet, featuring a protective hardcoat on one side prior to the material being digitally coated. The glossy hardcoat is a true scratch-resistant surface, protecting the plastic’s surface from damage. This substrate gives your application a crystal clear look, with more scratch resistance protection than a typical velvet/matte polycarbonate.

.020 HP92 Hardcoated Polycarbonate – CIS (MGX-1121): Another hardcoated polycarbonate, .20 HP92 Hardcoated Polycarbonate features a velvet-matte configuration and a true scratch-resistant surface. The material offers the same velvet look as the Makrofol Polycarbonate, but has further protection from surface scratches. This is an excellent material for any application where durability is important.

MGX Flame-Retardant Polycarbonate: Specially formulated to meet stringent graphic application and electrical insulation requirements, MGX Flame-Retardant Polycarbonate is perfect for any application that has the potential to be exposed to high heat or flame.

Masterpiece Graphix will eventually pursue HP Indigo certification for this line of sheet products.