The Power of the Invite

To plan a wedding, graduation or baby shower, save-the-dates and invitations are essential. They help plan a guest list, excite the guests for the occasion, and assist the rest of the planning process. Save-the-dates go deeper than just a reminder; they give an overall theme to a big day. Although some may think electronic invitations are a good idea, 100 billion emails are sent and received every day, so an electronic invite could easily end up in a spam folder.   Printed save-the-dates and invitations are tangible ways to keep guests intrigued, ensure they know about an event far in advance, and make them excited to attend.

 Setting the Stage

Setting the tone of an event starts with the invitations. Sending invitations is more than the who, what, where and when; it’s the guest’s first glimpse inside the overall theme. A good invitation helps guests visualize the big day. Imagine receiving a wedding invitation on a wood material with engraved lettering, topped with a dandelion. You would expect a rustic, vintage type wedding. Or imagine an invitation with gold foil and elaborate lettering, packaged in a unique, personalized box. Guests could expect a high-class wedding with extravagant gowns and centerpieces. Successful invitations and save-the-dates cause envisions and expectations before attending the event.

 Does Material Matter?

The right material will create the right invitation.  Materials should be durable, but different gauges, textures, tones, and colors also influence the look of a finished piece.  Coordinating tone, information, and graphics is tricky, but starting on the right canvas can streamline the process and make it easier to do.  For example, charming vintage themes look wonderful on printable wood veneer, and the material is great for baby shower invitations or outside wedding save-the-dates.  When it comes to sending invitations, there is always a risk of damages occurring during mailing. A tough silver or gold PVC will hold up through the journey and isn’t easily bent or destroyed.  After all, invitations should end up in memory books and scrapbooks, not the garbage.

Tips for Designing Invitations and Save-the-Dates:

  •  Match the invitation to the event’s color scheme.
  • Use fonts that match your theme and are legible.
  • Don’t crowd the card with too much information.
  • Experiment with shapes and sizes.
  • Add graphics for some pizzazz.