Get the Press Compatibility Guide

Are you ready to offer customers ‘more than just paper’ and grow sales by printing on plastic substrates? Or have you been running specialty materials for years and are looking for a better supplier?

Whether you are a newbie or an old hand, a common question is:  “Which specialty substrates will work on my press?” That’s why our digital material specialists put together the Press Compatibility Guide. It shows you which materials will run on your press, which materials you should test, and which materials you should avoid.

The guide includes all our small format specialty substrates including pressure sensitive, cling, synthetic paper, PVC, styrene, polyester, metalized, soft touch, and textured. For each substrate, the guide lists each compatible digital press as well as the GSM.

Do you have any of the following machines in your shop? Find out which specialty substrates will work on your press. Get your Press Compatibility Guide today. Call 636-349-6401 or email us.

Canon imagePRESS C10000/C8000
Canon imagePRESS C7011
Canon imagePRESS C7010
Canon imagePRESS C7000
Canon imagePRESS C6011
Canon imagePRESS C6010
Canon imagePRESS C6000

Konica Minolta C6085
Konica Minolta C6100
Konica Minolta C2060
Konica Minolta C2070
Konica Minolta C1100
Konica Minolta C1085
Konica Minolta C1070
Konica Minolta C1060
Konica Minolta C8000
Konica Minolta C7000
Konica Minolta C6000

HP Indigo 12000/10000
HP Indigo 7800
HP Indigo 7600
HP Indigo 7500
HP Indigo 7000
HP Indigo 5600
HP Indigo 5500
HP Indigo 5000
HP Indigo 3550
HP Indigo 3500
HP Indigo 3050
HP Indigo S2000

Ricoh C9210
Ricoh C9200
Ricoh C7200 series
Ricoh C9110
Ricoh C9100
Ricoh C7110
Ricoh C7100
Ricoh C901
Ricoh C900
Ricoh C751
Ricoh C651

MGI Meteor DP8700

Kodak NexPress 3900
Kodak NexPress 3300
Kodak NexPress S3000
Kodak NexPress 2700
Kodak NexPress 2500

Xerox iGen 5
Xerox iGen 4
Xerox iGen 3
Xerox iGen 150
Xerox DocuColor 8080
Xerox DocuColor 8002
Xerox DocuColor 8000
Xerox DocuColor 7002
Xerox DocuColor 7000
Xerox DocuColor 6060
Xerox Color 1000
Xerox Color 800
Xerox Color 700
Xerox Color J75
Xerox Color C75
Xerox Versant 3100
Xerox Versant 2100
Xerox Versant 80

To get your Press Compatibility Guide, call 636-349-6401 or email us.