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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Paper Uses Galore!

Pressure sensitive adhesives and papers are a useful and reliable staple in the print industry.  From permanent to removable, split liners, linen and fluorescent glosses, and custom items, PSA’s (pressure sensitive adhesives) have a wide array of applications, such as:

Product Identification Labels
Point of Purchase Labels
Carton & Packaging Labels
Sticker Books
Scrapbooking Stickers/Papers
Trading Cards
Postage Stamps
Post It Notes
Masking Tape
Athletic Tape
EKG Electrodes

The adhesive forms a bond when pressure is applied to “marry” the adhesive with the adherend.  The degree of the bond is influenced by the amount of pressure which is used to apply the adhesive to the surface.  Surface factors such as smoothness, surface energy, and removal of contaminants are all important to the bonding.   PSA’s are durable under room temperatures, but at low temperatures typically lose their tack and at high temperatures have their shear holding ability reduced.  There are special adhesives created to last at high and low temperatures.

Here at MGX we carry a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesive and paper materials for simple applications and for specialty applications.  PSA’s serve purposes in many fields, from retail signage to important tools and labels in the medical industry.  Call one of our digital material experts to consult about which substrate is right for you, at 636.349.6401 or email us.