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Printing on Static Cling? Kick it Up a Notch with Glassmate

Whether you have printed thousands of window clings, or are looking to enter the market, you need to take a look at GlassMate.

The next level of static cling, Masterpiece Graphix GlassMate is an ultra-low-tack, washable, removable/repositionable decal film intended for use indoors or outdoors, primarily on glass or other very smooth, glossy surfaces. The proprietary adhesive system allows the decal, when applied properly to a clean glass surface, to remain in place indefinitely on most interior applications, and then be removed easily and without any adhesive residue. The facestock is formulated with a blend of plasticizers designed to enhance printability and to extend the shelf life of the product.

  • Improved Application Versus Traditional Static Cling and High Tack Vinyl
  • Superior Longevity – No Loss of Static Charge, No Peeling Due to Moisture or Humidity, Washable Adhesive for Reusability
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Ease of Production and Application
  • Uses include Window Signage and Decals
  • Compatible with Many HP Indigo and Xerox Digital Presses, Testing Recommended on Other Commercial Presses

GlassMate utilizes a special removable adhesive, blended with components which control the level of adhesion that the decal film is capable of achieving. This is in contrast to other removable emulsion or solvent-based adhesives, which can become permanent if the decal is left in place too long. These other adhesive systems allow the bond to build over time. This not only makes the removal of a decal more difficult but also leads to the additional task of removing adhesive residue. These problems do not occur with GlassMate because the adhesive remains removable indefinitely.

Masterpiece Graphix GlassMate is available in 3.5 mil white or clear 12” x 18” sheets. Ready to take your window clings to the next level? Contact our Digital Material Specialists at 636-349-6401 for samples or a quote.