Masterpiece Premium 3.25 mil White Vinyl/Perm /90# Liner (MGX-1009)

Not all label applications are created equal. Durable goods labeling applications require material that withstands harsh environmental and usage stresses. Some durable labels are imperative to the safe operation of the product, listing important warnings and use instructions. Since many of these labels are used in industrial or hazardous material settings, it is important that the substrates used to construct these labels holds up to the rigorous environment, and are legible for the lifespan of the product.

If you need a durable label to protect your brand identity as well as your product’s users, look no further than Masterpiece Premium 3.25 mil White Vinyl/Perm/90# (MGX-1009). This material is for use on the HP Indigo 5000/5500, and passed the certification test with three stars, the highest possible rating.

Constructed with a high quality white vinyl face sheet and a superior permanent acrylic adhesive, MGX Premium 3.25 mil White Vinyl/Perm /90# liner provides a permanent bond to a wide range of surfaces, including low and high surface energy plastics, painted metal, powder coat paint and polycarbonate. The adhesive, developed to provide high tack and medium shear, has good chemical resistance and resists cold flow and ooze. The material is easy to apply, providing superior printability. The substrate is also surprisingly durable, resisting abrasion that occurs during assembly, shipment, and everyday use. Masterpiece Premium 3.25 mil White Vinyl/Perm/90# Liner is UV-resistant, suitable for use indoors or outdoors. The base material used in the material is UL recognized under UL-969 UL File NO. PGGU2.MH10170 Marking and Labeling System Materials – Component.

For more information on Masterpiece Premium 3.25 mil White Vinyl/Perm/90#, download the product spec sheet. For additional information about this product as well as other MGX pressure-sensitive film solutions for your durable label needs, please contact your MGX sales rep.