Roll Substrates


We do rolls, too! MGX rolls are a versatile, durable, and cost-effective way to produce labels, flexible packaging, and more.

MGX carries all of the industry mainstays, like semi-gloss, BOPP, and the tricky, hard-to-coat substrates. We provide coated, ready-to-print stock from nearly every industry supplier. You can also ship material directly to us for coating.

Our in-stock synthetic paper and pressure sensitive products are available in rolls and can be custom coated for your project.

To get custom print-ready rolls for your next project, fill out the form below or call us at 636-349-6401.

Why Use MGX for Your Coating Needs?

  • Use your resources for production, not coating. If coating is not your core business, in-house coating is actually wasting your resources and costing you more.
  • Get a custom stocking option to fit your business model. We can help you develop a solution to ensure that you always have regularly ordered materials ready to go.
  • Order substrates directly from MGX, or drop-ship materials to us for coating.
  • More durable ink adhesion
  • Better image quality
  • Ink-receptive coating for narrow web digital printing. Our coatings are engineered for UV Inkjet and Toner, including EFI Jetrion, Domino, and Xeikon.
  • Our coatings can also be used for lamination and post-print processing.

We can coat almost any material, including paper, plastic, pressure sensitive, fabric, and more. For a printable list of our comprehensive coating and converting capabilities, click here.



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