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Simple, Every Day Products Become Xquisite with Synthetic

Have you tried playing cards under direct light and keep getting glares?  Or how about finding an old gift card but it’s scratched and the barcode isn’t readable? What about your favorite children’s book? Are some of the pages ripped and damaged? A simple change of paper and laminate, and these simple, every day products become Xquisite.

With a quick change in products cards become glare free, gift cards and books become durable.

Xquisite is the solution.  The synthetic paper and lamination has brighter whites, stronger laminate bonds, and supreme printability.  The best part is not having to change business cards, Xquisite guarantees a brighter white and superior print quality.

Masterpiece Graphix offers four types of Xquisite products: Xquisite, Xquisite Titanium, Xquisite Onyx, and Xquisite Platinum.  Each product of the Masterpiece Xquisite family tackles specific industry challenges, but all are durable, water and tear resistant.

Xquisite Titanium has a higher heat stability and chemical resistance which creates ideal material for harsh environments, such as restaurant menus, and can handle hot plates, soda spills, and food stains.

Xquisite Onyx offers light blocking—no more glares.  It offers a heavy two-sided application, with the additional benefit of complete light blocking, which keeps playing poker blind free and fun.

Xquisite Platinum offers the perfect flexibility plus durability for a children’s book.  Platinum should be used for high tear resistance and easy handling.  Certain applications require softer synthetic papers, so Xquisite Platinum was designed with a softer hand.

Toss those dirty cards, books, and menus and experience Xquisite.  It will change your business.  Interested in learning more? For more information and a demonstration of how the Xquisite family of synthetic papers can change your business, please contact Masterpiece Graphix.  Our team of digital materials experts can help guide you to the Xquisite product that best fits your needs.