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Specialty Substrates for RICOH Production Printers

Have an RICOH cutsheet production printer in your shop? See the chart below to discover which materials will run on your press. For a printable version of our Press Compatibility Guide, call us at 636-349-6401 or email us. 

View compatible substrates for the RICOH here.

You have a lot of options in specialty substrates to run on your RICOH including:

  • Synthetic Paper:  Eliminates need for lamination. Resistant to water, chemicals and tears. Can be perforated, laser die-cut, scored, folded, and punched. Bright white finish with a flexible, soft hand feel.
  • Styrene:  Uniquely coated for superior lamination bond strength and print performance. Easy to convert. Bright white finish and high opacity. Can be guillotine cut, die cut or punched. Impact resistant, machineable, formable and recyclable.
  • Rigid Vinyl PVC (white and clear):  Excellent durability and easy to use. Resistant to UV degradation, good rigidity, and low flammability (resists ignition).
  • Pressure Sensitives:  Resistant to chemicals. Excellent bond strength. Short or long term adhesion indoors and outdoors. Superior surface smoothness and conformability. Tough and durable, exhibiting resistance to oils, chemicals and some solvents.
  • Polyester (white and clear):  (pictured – Printed using Masterpiece Graphix .011 White Polyester – O2S on a RICOH C7110. Need a genius sign for your office? Call us 636-349-6401) Unique toner receptive coating, high heat resistance and anti-static properties. Solid core polyester. Resistant to tears, stains, and weather. High definition image quality.
  • Soft Touch:  Provides a velvety, rose petal feel without post print finishing
  • Metalized Board:  Light-catching properties, improved printability and low static

View compatible substrates for the RICOH here.