Streamline Your Converting Process with Split-Back Liner Options

Are you on the lookout for pressure-sensitive synthetic options for durable labels? Would your production operation benefit from Split-Back Liner Options, tailored to your application? Masterpiece  3.25 mil White Vinyl/Perm/90# (MGX-1009) is a top Masterpiece Graphix product, suitable for many durable labels including outdoor applications. If you need a durable label material that can stand up to the rigors of abrasion, UV exposure, and harsh environments, MGX 1009 is a perfect choice. Due to customer demand, this popular product is now available with a split-back liner. Masterpiece Graphix can now offer custom split liner options on MGX-1009, as well as other MGX sheet products.

Many digital printers have come to MGX requesting split liner options on their desired digital sheet stocks. Many digital stocks can be split every 1.5-2 inches, allowing easier converting once printed. Any split liner options you desire can be easily coordinated through your MGX Digital Material Expert.

Masterpiece 3.25 mil White Vinyl/Perm/90# (MGX-1009) is one of the most sought-after MGX stocks with a split liner option. MGX-1009 is for use on the HP Indigo 5000/5500, and passed the certification test with three stars, the highest possible rating. Constructed with a high quality white vinyl face sheet and a superior permanent acrylic adhesive, MGX 3.25 mil White Vinyl/Perm /90# liner provides a permanent bond to a wide range of surfaces, including low and high surface energy plastics, painted metal, powder coat paint and polycarbonate. The adhesive, developed to provide high tack and medium shear, has good chemical resistance and resists cold flow and ooze.

MGX-1009 is surprisingly durable, resisting abrasion that can occur during assembly, shipment, and everyday use. Masterpiece 3.25 mil White Vinyl/Perm/90# Liner is UV-resistant, suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Download the spec sheet for MGX-1009 for more information.

MGX can offer many sheet products with a split-back liner, with options tailored to your needs and application. Contact your MGX Digital Material Expert to learn more.