Top 5 Questions on Synthetic Paper verses Lamination

Top 5 Questions on Synthetic Paper Verses Lamination.

Most people use lamination to protect paper products from environmental elements and ensure long service life. Lamination involves additional processes, equipment, and costs, which can drain time and resources. There are other options out there designed for strength and durability; one of those options is MGX’s Xquisite synthetic paper. 

Xquisite Synthetic paper has a polypropylene-based construction that is tear, water, and UV resistant.

Here are the top 5 questions we asked about Synthetic Paper 

  1. Is synthetic paper more durable than laminating? Synthetic paper is constructed to be waterproof and tear-resistant, while laminating is performed after the printing process and will break down over time through delamination and moisture seeping beneath the laminate layer. Synthetic paper has a longer service life for printed products. 
  2. Is synthetic paper easy to print on? Synthetic Paper is easy to print on. It has reduced set-up time vs. lamination, superior print quality, and color reproduction. Synthetic paper is easily folded, die-cut, and bound, which can be challenging with traditional lamination.
  3. Is synthetic paper expensive compared to lamination? Traditional lamination requires the paper to be printed plus additional processing and finishing to protect it from environmental elements, increasing the overall price and production time. Synthetic paper is made with built-in protection and durability. No additional costs or processes are involved, which can reduce your overall cost vs. lamination.
  4. What finishing techniques are acceptable with synthetic paper? Synthetic paper is suited for various applications. Its design, durability, printing quality, and flexibility. Synthetic paper is easily folded, hole punched, embossed, die-cut, and more. Synthetic paper is ideal for printing applications such as menus, medical charts, manuals, ID cards and badges, maps, catalogs, and marketing collateral. Using synthetic paper eliminates delamination, wrinkles, and frayed edges. 
  5. Why choose MGX Xquisite synthetic paper? MGX’s synthetic paper offers versatility and durability to cover a variety of printing methods and finishing techniques. Our synthetic paper is optimized for HP Indigo and dry towner production presses. Xquisite synthetic paper is coated on two sides and available in multiple gauges and sheet sizes.