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Xquisite DT and DT PVC Provide Alternative Substrates to PET

Many Print Service Providers (PSPs) believe that their only option when it comes to running plastics is polyester (PET). Thanks to improved dry toner (DT) technology and our proprietary topcoat, that belief is now outdated. MGX offers two great alternative substrates to PET that bring their own set of advantages – and cost savings –…

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Compatible with Dry Toner and HP Indigo Digital Presses: Solid Core Polyester in White or Clear

Masterpiece Graphix polyester substrates are durable and versatile. The unique toner receptive coating makes our polyester a universal substrate for dry toner and HP Indigo presses. Recommended for printed applications subjected to extreme environmental conditions, Masterpiece Graphix polyester is waterproof and tear resistant. Durable Solid Core Tear, Stain, and Sweat Resistant Weather Proof No Shrinking…

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Did you go to this year’s Graph Expo?

Thank you to all our partners who took the time to meet with us and stop by our booth. At Graph Expo and every day, printers are looking to grow sales by expanding what they can do on the digital presses that they already have. To answer this need, the Masterpiece Graphix booth featured materials engineered…

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Substrates Engineered for Dry Toner Machines

You don’t have to settle for materials engineered to HP Indigo machines. And there are more options for dry toner than just polyester. Masterpiece Graphix offers a wide range of cost-effective substrates optimized for use on dry toner equipment. These materials are tested and designed to perform well at high printing temperatures. Dry toner substrates…

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