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How to Choose the Best Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) for Printing

Print customers have a wide range of labeling needs, and they may not always understand the options in pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) substrates. Here are some questions to ask your customers to help you uncover their label needs and provide the best substrate solution. How will the customer use the label? Will the label be…

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Getting the Best Partner out of Your Printer

Printing isn’t just shoving a sheet of paper through a printer. That would be too easy.  As in any industry, printing has a workflow that must be followed in order to obtain a masterpiece of a final product.  Many people don’t realize the work and detail that go into the steps and supply chains of…

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The Newest Trends in Beverage Labeling

Demand is higher than ever for visually appealing and durable beverage labels. There are many types of drinks and among those are categories such as low-calorie, energy boosting, sugar-free and vitamin and mineral enhanced.  Also among the different drink types (i.e. Tea, water, soda, milk, energy drinks, juice, etc.) there are numerous brands and companies…

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