MGX’s Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Just Got Better!

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Applications

We are excited to offer Pressure Sensitive Vinyl options that improve performance in print production and end applications. We are migrating many of our products to new, harder adhesives that will result in cleaner cutting and die cutting, reducing the frequency and necessity of cleaning blades and dies. Our improved Low Tack Removable adhesive provides…

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QR Coded Menus Out, Physical Menus are Back!

Scanning QR code Menu

“A menu is a window to the soul of the restaurant, and a QR code has no soul.” – Richard Boccato, owner of Dutch Kills Bar in NYC QR-coded menus are on the way out. According to restauranters, The patience that customers have extended to restaurants over the last few years is wearing thin. A…

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Folding Cartons & Digital Print

Folding cartons are a popular product today; and as runs get shorter, the equipment and capabilities of presses and printers alike have to evolve. 

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Getting the Best Partner out of Your Printer

Printing isn’t just shoving a sheet of paper through a printer. That would be too easy.  As in any industry, printing has a workflow that must be followed in order to obtain a masterpiece of a final product.  Many people don’t realize the work and detail that go into the steps and supply chains of…

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A World Without Printing?

A world without printing would be chaos. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out.  A world with no books, signs, labels, mail, would be unthinkable in the modern world.  If our technological advances were to one day suddenly end, we would fall back on print materials as a standby.  Print is necessary,…

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