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The Next Level of Soft Touch Substrates for Digital Toner Printing

Your customers are requesting soft touch material for their printing projects. They want the luxury feel with a quicker turnaround and lower printing cost. However you may not have found a compatible soft touch substrate for your press, or if you did, the soft texture was lost when flooded with toner.

Masterpiece Graphix has found the solution. Our new 15pt LuXe Soft Touch retains its soft texture regardless of toner coverage and is compatible with many dry toner presses including Ricoh, Konica, and Xerox.

With no post print finishing required, LuXe is a cost effective, short run option for a variety of print applications. To learn more and test this material for your next project, contact us today!

  • Soft Texture Regardless of Toner Coverage
  • No Post Print Finishing Required
  • Velvety, Rose Petal Feel
  • Available in 15pt sheets (19 inch x 13 inch)
  • Soft White Matte Finish
  • Cost Effective Short Run Option
  • In-Stock and Ready to Ship


  • direct mail
  • menus
  • invitations and tickets
  • business cards
  • hang tags
  • packaging
  • brochure covers and booklets
  • pocket folders
  • hotel door hangers
  • baby products


  • This product is only compatible for printing on digital dry toner production presses
  • BE SURE to test print for satisfactory color accuracy and vibrancy — the soft touch coating can
    mute solid density
  • See the Production Guidelines

To learn more and test this material for your next project, contact us today!