Tips and Tricks for Using Wall and Window Graphics

Wall graphics and decals are a great way to spruce up any environment.  Whether you’re using wall decals in an office or a store, they bring personality and color.  One important thing to remember when using wall graphics is to use a design that compliments the end application.  Would you use a graphic on a white square and then stick it to the wall?  That doesn’t make any sense.  Wall graphics allow you to have graphics that are free flowing across the wall to catch the eye and promote a sale, or have a great aesthetic look.  Wall decals are also a great alternative to POP displays since they take up so little room but still have a dramatic effect.

 What are some materials to use?

Some, such as a PRESStige Repositionable White Vinyl, can be used on multiple surfaces, such as windows, walls, and floors for maximum signage potential.  Vinyl such as this are specially made and coated so that they stay stuck to any surface but peel off without leaving any residue or surface damage.  This is a perfect ideal for seasonal sales and holiday signage that can be used more than once.

Application tips and tricks

Issues with wall and winow decals arise from being used improperly.  Here are some tips to make sure that your wall graphics adhere and stick properly.

  • Make sure you are applying the decal to a wall that is flat, has been properly painted, and doesn’t have paint clots
  • Clean the wall before you apply the decal; usually a damp rag is fine for this and helps clear away sawdust and dry wall dust
  • If you have just painted the wall, allow it to dry for a week before applying any pressure sensitive films
  • Clean window thouroughly and dry them before applying decals, and appl

This will ensure that your wall graphic stays stunning for longer and has proper wall adhesion to help it last.