UniSyn’s Broad Compatibility Provides Superior Workflow Flexibility

UniSyn Synthetic Paper offers many advantages to Print Service Providers (PSPs), including fast dry and cure times. However, one of the most advantageous features of UniSyn is its broad compatibility, which provides PSPs superior workflow flexibility.

This substrate is engineered for presses such as:


This substrate’s benefits extend to cross-compatibility. UniSyn can provide substrate consistency across print engines, giving PSPs the ability to print using multiple presses to produce dynamic finished pieces.

This is impactful when, for example, a PSP is doing a large run printed on a conventional offset press but also needs a short-run version of the same piece and/or needs to include variable (personalized) data. In this case, it becomes more economical to print the latter digitally. For instance, this scenario might look something like:

  1. A nationwide chain restaurant that requires a short-run, versioned menu printed in Spanish or with different food and drink specials for specific regions.
  2. Loyalty cards that must be printed with one static component (like the design template) and a second component with variable data (like a name and an account number).
  3. A promotional message or instructions produced as pre-print shells before variable data (like a name and an account/space number) are printed for an insurance card or a parking pass. Note: Any die cutting required could be done before or after the digital imprinting.

The ability to personalize pieces (especially for advertising purposes) and to economize time and labor by printing digitally is an advantage that benefits everyone from PSP to end-user. PSPs can leverage this key selling point with Brand Managers who are required to maintain the highest standards where their products and anything representing their jewelry, cosmetics, apparel, or luxury brand are concerned.

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