Using Food Labels to Your Advantage

At every grocery store, many brands have been putting more products on the line that advertise themselves as being the smarter, healthier choice, such as Yoplait Light, Vitamin Water, or Kellogg’s Special K. Though the products themselves are different, they have one thing in common; package/label design, and a desire to create the best beverage and food labels.

There’s a current trend to get healthy and fit. Brands are recognizing the consumer’s wants and needs to live healthier by providing a healthier product line. To move with this trend, the food labels and packaging must change to accommodate this idea of a fresher, smarter product. Consumers generally base their decisions on how convincing the packaging is. If it look or ‘feels’ healthy, chances are it is going to get bought over products that are overly artificial – like candies and sweet items. You need to be sure that the beverage or food labels you choose will captivate the consumer just as much as the design itself.

Masterpiece Graphix assists hundreds of its customers in choosing a prime or durable label that is right for the job. With a selection of different cardstocks, liners, and adhesives that are FDA-compliant for contact with food, you are sure to have plenty of great options to satisfy your brand’s labeling needs. Whether it’s a label on a bottle of water or food labesl on jelly, the purpose of these is to convey a brand image and to have relative sustainability.

 How to Create New Looks with Food Labels

If you’re looking to stick with current trends, here are a few tips to help you get started on your ‘healthier label’. Negative space is one of the simplest techniques used to show a product in a more natural light. Negative space, when used effectively, seems to convey that because the label is less cluttered with no new information, the product isn’t as cluttered with artificial ingredients and preservatives. However, take care not to overuse negative space, as the product label may seem unfinished. It is probably expected in your candy and sweets, but it just wouldn’t feel right to be on organic products or even that naturally sweetened bottle of vitamin-enhanced water.

Another trending way to illustrate a more natural product is by adding more appealing phrases.  For example, instead of simply telling the consumer that your lemonade is all-natural, you might further inform them that the lemons were hand-squeezed. Choosing the right materials for your food labels and packaging can make the contents more convincing. For example, Masterpiece Graphix offers digital printing on wood-veneer labels and cardstocks. You may choose to have a wood-veneer label on your home-made marmalade jars to symbolize the crate of fresh fruits that make up the product. Ingredients that were not squirted out of a machine, but freshly made are more attractive to consumers, especially those that are consciously trying to make healthier choices.

With the current trend of getting fit and forming healthier eating habits, brands are listening to what the consumers have to say. With these tips for creating better-looking food labels, paired with the materials from MGX, you can be sure to provide your customers with a more attractive, healthier alternative to today’s junk-food saturated grocery stores.