Why Label Printers are Using Digital

The labeling industry is using digital print more than ever, with digital growing as a convenient way to print.  New technology and user experience are two factors that could be in play.  Digital label printers are now becoming mainstream and newer technology is simplifying the process, even for those who aren’t the most technology savvy.  Digital printing allows for easy modification of data printing, such as SKU’s and names.  Customized labels and packaging can help impact customers whether it’s delivered to their home or seen on the shelf.  This is key to make products stand out as recognizable.

Another reason digital label printing is growing is the rise of use by big businesses.  A business like Walmart has hundreds of thousands of SKU’s, and as these large companies extend their offerings to many stores in many countries, the labels need to have versatility in language, color, and design.  Businesses are also unitizing digital printing for brand promotion, with QR codes and social media promotions.

Inkjet printers are also beginning to grow in the digital space.  It has a unique cost advantage because printers only pay for the actual ink they use on the job – and not click charges.  Nowadays most substrates can be used for inkjet printing and have jobs finished on one press.  Inkjet is also offered as a complete digital printing system by some, which has appeal for simplifying the overall process.

One things is for sure – label printers are looking for a full production solution.  The full solution begins with a great workflow and printer, but also with the right digital materials for the job.  Consulting with a digital material expert ensures that the materials you are using are the best and most effiecient for your machine, and can help you find new solutions.  With a great R&D department, Masterpiece Graphix has many of the solutions you might be looking for, including specialty PSA substrates such as printable wood.  We also have favorites such as polyesters in  clear, white, and bright, matte, and brushed silver.  For a super bright application with flair try one of our flourescents, or use our removable Wall Graphix for an application that can be reused endlessly!